Customer Agreement

Customer benefits

All customers who purchase any of our products will receive the following benefits:

  • The product itself, in the form of an installation package;
  • Full source code of the product (if the product runs in a web environment);
  • Unlimited and unrestricted usage, on all of the websites/domains the customer owns;
  • Lifetime access to free updates, for all future versions of the product;
  • Lifetime technical support, via many channels, including tickets, forums, e-mail, and phone;
  • Illustrated User Manual that documents installation, configuration, and usage of the product;
  • All available language packs for the product (if any)


As mentioned above, we provide full, free, lifetime technical support for our customers, for all/any of the websites/domains that they own.

Our support means either remote guidance and advice, or direct hands-on support on your server. We have no rest until we're sure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchased products.

We support our products through any of the following support channels:

  • Support Tickets
  • Support Forum
  • E-mail Communication
  • Phone Communication


We currently accept PayPal for payments/purchases. PayPal is very convenient, fast, easy, and the most widely used payment gateway, worldwide. To pay for products on our website, you can pay, via PayPal, in two ways:

  • with your PayPal account balance (if you already have a working PayPal account)
  • directly with your credit/debit card, even if you have no PayPal account

Should you encounter any difficulties making payments, or can absolutely not use PayPal, please kindly contact us immediately so we can assist you.


We would like to highly stress that you properly test the product, online, on our demo websites, and that you properly research the advertised description and features of the product, before purchasing it.

Considering that you can fully test our products, online, before purchasing them, all purchases are final, and no refunds will be granted, for any, except the following case:

If any aspect of the software does not function as advertised (in its description and online demo), you have requested our support to fix the issue, provided us enough time to, and we are not able to fix it, then we'll grant you a full refund. This is our guarantee that all purchases are risk-free, and our products work perfectly as advertised.