Our philosophy

Our main goal, here at Globacide Solutions, is helping Joomla!™ users achieve what they wish and need to.

We were directly born out of the needs of the community, we grew based on these changing needs, were shaped by them, and they'll always determine our future as a software company. Communication and direct understanding of our customers' needs, has been and always will be the key factor we use and consider in our work.

Our philosophy is also based on the belief that, as long as the current wheel meets a proper standard, it should not be re-invented. Therefore, we have and we will only concentrate our efforts on new, innovative ideas that bring solutions for previously unhandled needs, or help your websites in ways you haven't even considered. On rare occasions, if we feel the wheel might be taken to a whole new level, we may build on existing ideas, only to develop radically improved solutions.

Our work

This mostly means developing commercial products (in the form of components and other extensions) that satisfy community needs. We believe that, given the complexity and generally huge amount of work involved in developing and perfecting our products, releasing them as commercial is the only way to ensure their high quality. The money keeps us highly motivated and pays for our development time and resources we invest. In return, we repay our customers through any means we can: high quality products, with free lifetime updates, backed by excellent, lifetime support, and topped with the freedom to use our software on any and all of the websites the customer owns. For our customers' freedom and convenience, all of our extensions are released under the GNU General Public License, version 2. For more information on what it means to become our customer, please kindly read our Customer Agreement.

If we feel that a certain need is not that highly complex, or is so basic that would serve almost any user, we'll release it as a "tool", which means it will be free of charge, and freely downloadable. While we will, of course, support these tools as well, the support priority for tools will come second, since paying customers need to be satisfied and taken care of first.

Lastly, if some of the community needs can not be fulfilled by a programmable product, we will still try to help, by providing free guides, tutorials, and other in-depth resources that will hopefully help the community gain insights on specific, previously not covered, Joomla!™ topics.